Being Akro Is...

We all have our addictions, our vices, our favourite little rituals. Something about them just keeps us coming back - whether it’s the taste, the hit, the high, the rush, or that all-too-brief moment of absolute tranquillity.

For us here at Akro, it's the smells that do it; the bitter hit of a morning espresso, the cold, smokey blast of bourbon falling over ice, the first drag of a post-coital cigarette, the unmistakable aroma of hashish floating through the city air in summer.

When it comes to fragrances, we understand that our favourite scents aren't always flowers and fruits. We know that sexy doesn't always mean sweet, that wellness doesn’t smell half as alluring as naughtiness.

We like to push our fragrances well beyond the established boundaries - exploring our indulgences and bottling them for your pleasure; using notes like warm leather, strong coffee, black ink, top-shelf whiskey, dark chocolate, sticky weed and strong absinthe.

We try to innovate just as much as we invigorate - forever searching for the middle ground between fantasy and reality, pleasure and pain, science and sex.

We make fragrances for people that don't like to say no.

About Us

The story of Akro is the story of a family; of a dynasty that spans from the earliest days of the perfume industry in Grasse to the cutting edge artform of today.

It all started a few years back, when founder Anaïs Cresp was living in London and learning about the world. Working in the pubs and bars of the vibrant and diverse area of Ladbroke Grove, she became enraptured by the scents around her; by the flower stalls, coffee houses, charcoal grills, by the whiskey and leather of the grand old Irish pubs and the inescapable haze of weed in the air.

After a long, lost summer of indulging in everything the city had to offer, Anaïs hit on an idea; that these distinctive aromas could be bottled and turned into fragrances. Perhaps, instead of just fruits and flowers, you could wear your favourite vice on your skin.

Luckily, she knew just the man to turn this daydream into a reality; her father Olivier, a master perfumer behind some most well-known fragrances on the planet - including Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue and Mugler’s Angel. Together, father and daughter began to share ideas, stories and eventually scents. Soon enough, Akro was born.

When it came to the decision of where to base Akro, there was only one choice: Ladbroke Grove, the place where it all began - the home of Trellick Tower, Portobello Market, Honest Jon’s, a hundred pirate radio stations, a thousand hookah pipes, Joe Strummer, AJ Tracey, the characters of Martin Amis, those grand old Irish pubs on the high street and the omnipresent buzz of the Westway.

Every day, Akro finds inspiration in the streets in the world around us, in the streets of W10, in our everyday addictions and the dreams we hold close to ourselves.

Image Of The Founders

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We are AKRO.

We share the same addiction, the same recklessness, the same desire to let go. Nothing holds us back. We venture into the field of excess, and share our temptations. We are a gang, a clique, a group. We are a family. We lay claim to our inalienable right to enjoy life to excess.

Join us @akrofragrances.